In the Forge

My most current projects are three novels. One of them, Agram Awakens, is a finished rough draft, which I am preparing for editing. It's an epic fantasy, the first in a series of ten, and is currently 202,912 words.

Next is Slaves to Prophecy, which is in the outlining phase and is the sequel to Agram Awakens.

Finally, A Pelicans Flight is a slice-of-life tragedy set in the 1700s. It's about a ship's crew which contracts the black plague. They're shunned, of course, and they decide to make the most of their final days... by turning to piracy.

Of my finished novels, Barnslow Died is the most recent. It now sits in it's fourth draft, where it shall remain for the foreseeable future. I'm not sure when/how I'll publish it, but I certainly hope it. It's a futuristic comedy about a man who is forced to recruit people on the verge of death to work for a sinister evil no one wants to remember.

Asher's Song also rests in its fourth draft, which I'm hoping to change in the next few months. It's a steampunk-dystopian about a man who discovers a secret, only it's not the secret he thinks it is, and it's about an outcast who has experienced that secret firsthand.

A Merchant's Guard is one of those novels I will always treasure, but never return to. It will sit forever in its fifth draft (I'm considering a complete overhaul that will look very little like these first five drafts, but it's far in the future). The story follows a boy who discovers a rebellion and attempts to stop it, helped by the voice in his head.

Blood Stones is actually the first novel I ever wrote (it had like two drafts before I abandoned it). It's full of fantasy cliches and ridden with prose and character problems. At the same time, however, there's enough nostalgia attached to it that I can include it here without feeling much guilt.

Three is a Thriller I hope to re-write completely, someday.

My finished novellas are pretty little things, if a bit rough.

The Elenivir is a fantasy tale about a girl who's companion is a little dragon (most dragons in this world are basically cats) and she struggles to find her place in a world where dragons are tools, nothing more.

The Mists of Time is a sort of "prequel" to Blood Stones, my first real novel. And Blood Warrior is a sequel to Blood Stones. You might also lump in the rest of that "series" here, but I've chosen to not highlight the other three novellas I wrote because they were much worse than these two. So.

I've written quite a few short stories in my time, and I've decided to only highlight a few of them.

Broken Snapshots is a short inspirational piece I've actually posted on my blog (which can be found by searching under the "my words" tag).

Moonlight in the Well and Twenty Seconds are both abstract and a short story and flash fiction, respectively.

Little Eyes, Ileyssar/Assassin, and A Dozen Lashings are all short stories I wrote based on characters from A Merchant's Guard. And, unsurprisingly enough to me, they're also much better.

I thought I'd take a moment to stop and highlight my short story series Eyes, which I've been posting on my blog. As they're available, you can find them under the "my words" tag.

In addition, they're now available under the "Eyes - Serial Story" page.

I've got a lot of projects I'd like to write, and these are just the ones I have titles for. Of the ten, half of them are related to Agram Awakens and the series it starts.

Three, as has already been mentioned, is a thriller I'd like to rewrite and make better than what I first wrote.

The Biography of a Very Bad Man is a slice-of-life story about an ex-convict who's released from prison, thrown back into life (after a culture shock of ten year in an alternate history where technology progresses much faster than you'd expect) and forced to come to grips with a grown-up younger sister, friends who haven't changed, and authorities watching over his shoulder at his every move.

A Perfect World is a utopian story I've been wanting to write for a while now, but every attempt hasn't worked. Someday, I'll write it.

Tower of Thought, Windows in the Storm, Ship of Rings, The Shadow Crying, and The Dwindling Hunt are all potential titles of the books following Agram Awakens and Slaves to Prophecy. We'll see how long those titles hold up.

Blinking Reality is a contemporary fiction and Copied, not Scanned is a sci-fi novella.

And I'm sure there are countless more I could tell you about, and countless more I don't even know about yet.

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