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Aidan Bender is a writer, blogger, and college student. He's an engineer by day and a theatre geek and writer by night. When he's not studying, you can find him buried deep inside the library. He blogs twice weekly at Story Forger, on Mondays and Fridays. You can contact him concerning anything at forgingstories@gmail.com, and when he's not busy writing, you can find him on GoodReads obsessively rating the books he's read.

Well. Now that's over (short 3rd person bios are supposedly professional, right).
Welcome to this place.
You can call me Aidan, if you like, or whatever else strikes your fantasy fancy.

If you've come here with a love for writing, then you've come to the right place.
And if you didn't... well, you've also come the right place. Have the seat next to the forge, and let the sparks land on your lap. They don't hurt, I promise.

In short, I'm a college student/nerd with aspirations in the fields of creative writing and chemical engineering. In long...

I am me.
Well, sort of. I’m also little bits of all the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met and the events I’ve experienced.

Which would make me – among other things – a scientist (in training), an engineer (in training), an actor, a writer, a realist, and a dreamer. I’m a “starry-eyed cynic”; a critic who wants nothing more than to hand out five stars to everything while never actually doing so.

The wild Aidan, in his natural habitat.
And those are the things I enjoy: I like math and science, I like to act, I like to be real and I like to dream. My passion is writing; without the words I’ve written, I wouldn’t be who I am today. While doing these things, I also enjoy watching netflix (too much of it), being awkward, reading every kind of book I can get my hand on, and listening to music as much as I possible can.

Story Forger started out as this rather silly notion: I was a writer, therefore I needed a blog, right?
Well, that's not a wrong notion, per se, but it's a rather silly one. Some writers don't blog. Therefore, not all writers need blogs.
However, I've grown attached to this thing, so it's here to stay.
For the writer, you'll find an excessive amount of posts on writing tips, including but not limited to subjects such as plots, character development, world building, prose structure, and inspirational-ish things.
(10/10 would recommend this bench)
For the non-writer, well... I've got a few non-writerly posts, and more coming in the future. Feel free to hang around. If nothing else, you'll get a peek into the mind of a writer

I post every Monday and Friday, with some random posts on other days when appropriate. The "main posts" are on Friday, when I tackle larger subjects and speak more broadly about writing.
Monday posts are now (after six months of a different kind of post) known as LIAA; Life is an Art. In that category, I'll be posting about more than just writing: really anything. If it's about life, it might show up. I'll use that day to blog about more random, non-writing things... even if many of them tie back into writing in one way or another.

Also you can grab my button (which is such an odd phrase to use and I'm sorry I used it... no going back now) and do things:

Story Forger

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