Friday, April 10, 2015

Worlds torn Asunder

This ought to be short and sweet, considering several things. 1) I’m currently busier than oxen pulling a plow during planting season, and 2) I consider this post a Segway into longer posts.

With the reasons behind us, let us begin the Segway.

Okay, fine, the real Segway:

I love the universe. It’s pretty awesome, when you stop to look at it. Distant galaxies, stars and supernovas and black holes and comets and dust clouds and really, really cool looking infrared pictures. The complexity and strangeness of the science behind it amazes me, from the grand scale of galaxy clusters to the tiny (by comparison) workings of a few planets orbiting a backwater yellow dwarf star.
Imagine with me (imagining is a lot of fun, isn’t it?) for a moment you stand outside the universe. You can survey every speck of it at once, on a broad scale. Now, zoom in.
No, no, no, not on /that/ galaxy, that other one.
Yes, there. A pretty looking galaxy, with a spiral-y look to it. The inhabitants call it the Milky Way, poor little mortals. Zoom in further, because our imaginations are cameras with infinite resolution, and we can do that. You’re now looking at an out-flung arm, toward a solar system that isn’t very large or spectacular or worth a tourist stop. Adjust the focus, and zoom in on one little world, a planet called Earth.
Now imagine (because we can’t just stop there) that you can see all of time stretched out before you. Focus on the past (it’s much easier to comprehend and all that), look at this planet. Look at how complex lifeforms are, how diverse the ecology is, and so forth. Spend some time considering the complexities of the society of humans as time progresses. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

All right, you can take your 3D glasses off, and stick your imagination back in the – wait, one last thing:
Before you go, before I just drop you off with a cliffhanger that really makes no sense and doesn’t tell you at all what I’m Segway-ing into, imagine one more thing with me:

What if you could create a world?

To take this further, what if you could make it just as complex and real as the one we live in?

*as usual, I hold no copyright to any pictures or gifs I post, I find most of them in my perusing around the internet, or thanks to Google. 

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