Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fanning the Flames

Oh hello.
Welcome to this place.
It's not much of thing to see, yet, but someday it might become something more... useful.
Until then we'll have to patiently wait.

I suppose I should introduce myself; I'm Aidan, but you can just call me Supreme Overlord or something similar. I like writing, reading, acting, programming, and being a nerd.
I like pocketwatches, knives, birds of prey, and dressing formally for no particular reason.
For you BMTI people, I'm an INTJ, which means I will take over the world some day.
After I finish solving the meaning of life and inventing time travel using basic math.

Writing is kind of my thing, you might say. I've been writing for seven-odd years now, and have completed four novels, seven novellas, and countless drabbles and short stories. Currently, I'm juggling two WIPs, two rough drafts that need editing, and an idea for a series that I'm seriously excited about.
Someday in the future (meaning this year, hopefully) I'll be sending applications to a few publishers for one of my novels, Asher's Song.

I like history and math, the weird and the logical. I contemplate things no one really cares about or will ever know the answer to. My ideas of what government should look like are rather... unusual. Esoteric is my favorite word.
Blue is fantastic, blue like the TARDIS, but so is grey, grey like Sherlock's coat, grey like the ashclouds over Mount Doom.

Welcome to my little corner of the world, where I blow on this little flame I call my Life, write more than I care to admit, and dance when you're not watching (seriously, don't watch me dance... it will probably scare you).

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